Online Job Search Club

The Manufacturing Academy launched a new program in 2021 to help graduates with resume building, soft-skill development, and a guided job search of advanced manufacturing employment opportunities. The Job Search Club is designed to bridge the gap between AJAC preparatory programs and apprenticeship opportunities. All current and former students and graduates are encouraged to enroll.

This is a free 5 session (plus a bonus session) workshop open to all AJAC program graduates (Youth Apprentices and Manufacturing Academy students). If you are an adult apprentice looking for work, AJAC can work with you individually. Almost all attendees of the previous session have been interviewing or have been offered employment.

Job Search Club is Designed to: 

  • Allow students the opportunity to have guided job-searches demonstrated, as well as, the opportunity to have their current job searching skills critiqued.
  • Offer each member tips for improvement, discussing which resumes and cover letters seem the most effective and why.
  • Provide participants virtual tours and instructor-guided virtual job fairs and job searches, as well as, demonstrate how to navigate and utilize business social media platforms to increase hire-ability.
  • Discuss job opportunities with business developers, employee/employer expectations, awareness of advanced manufacturing opportunities, and meet employers when possible.
  • Link you with local social service supports.
  • Instill in you the ability to articulate your skills, capabilities and career goals when meeting with potential employers.

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