Advanced Manufacturing Prep (AMP)

Ready to Learn. Ready to Earn.

AJAC’s Advanced Manufacturing Prep (AMP) two-day training provides applicants interested in advanced manufacturing an opportunity to develop foundational skills and connect to entry-level positions through local employers. 

This workshop is ideal for job seekers interested in pre-apprenticeship training—a proven method for linking job seekers with registered pre-apprenticeship opportunities.

AMP will provide the following services in the two-day workshop:

Goals & Outcomes for Employers

Employers interested in partnering with AMP will receive exclusive access to interview and hire graduates. These graduates have completed the two-day workshop focused on skill development and job readiness. 

Additionally, AJAC works with local and national organizations to identify grant funding applicable to hiring AMP graduates. These funds may include tax incentives, wage reimbursement, education reimbursement, and more! 

To learn more about this program or hire an AMP student, please send us an email

Goals & Outcomes for Students

Upon completion of the AMP Training, attendees will be eligible to enroll in AJAC’s pre-apprenticeship program, the Manufacturing Academy, or they may be encouraged to begin working in industry and become an AJAC apprentice in occupations including Industrial Machine OperatorIndustrial Manufacturing Technician, Machinist or Industrial Maintenance Technician.

For individuals not ready to begin a pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship program, there will be navigation services offered to better address your career pathway. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion after day-two of the training.

AMP Hiring Fair

On day two of the AMP workshop, AJAC invites local hiring employers to present their company to the students and participate in a hiring fair. Students in the program will have updated resumes emphasizing their manufacturing skills—on the spot hires are encouraged! 

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